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About AIM

The Alpine Space Programme 2007-2013 is moving towards the conclusion, and it's to time to think at the next Cooperation Programme. Several challenges have been addressed during the last 7 years programme, reaching significant results and getting in contact with numerous stakeholders. Nevertheless, in some cases the comparison between project's achievements and needs of the entire Alpine Space region is weak, and key actors - in terms of policy making and management - were not reached as end-users of the results.

The planning of the future actions to promote the sustainable development of the Alpine Space region, should start from the assessment of the outcomes & results achieved by the previous/on-going projects.

The project Alpine space In Movement (AIM) aims at becoming a "megaphone" of the Alpine Space Programme (ASP) projects active in the field of water & renewable energy. AIM will capitalise on the achievements of the numerous ASP projects dedicated to the promotion of energy production from renewables and on the optimization of water resource exploitation. The importance of the issue was highlighted by the EU directive on renewable energy sources (RES-E Directive) and by the EU Water Framework Directive. AIM will focus more specifically on the hydropower generation and the preservation of natural ecosystems. Indeed while hydropower is the most important renewable energy in the alpine areas, it can also negatively impact the environment. Specific dissemination actions (seminars involving key stakeholders of target groups, web communication, publications, etc.) are foreseen and will address in priority the relevant actors at EU, national and regional policy level.

The AIM project is funded by the European Community through the Alpine Space Programme, with start of activities in September 2013 and end in December 2014.

Download the AIM deliverables!
(Milan, Italy, 10th January 2015)

AIM WebGIS database
(Milan, Italy, 9th January 2015)

WP5 deliverables are now available for download!
(Vienna, Austria, 9th January 2015)

Alpine Space needs in terms of water & energy nexus
(Ljubljana, Slovenia, 31st December 2014)

Outcomes from panel discussions and interviews with stakeholders
(31st December 2014)

Final Transnational Seminar
(Venice, Italy, 25 November 2014)

Final Transnational Seminar, PRELIMINARY AGENDA
(Venice, Italy, 25 November 2014)

Water for the world initiative
(Milano, Italy, 25 November 2014)

Alpine Space 2020 Conference
(Salzburg, Austria, 21 October 2014)

AIM project promoted by the French press
(Megeve, France, 11 October 2014)

Final Transnational Seminar, SAVE THE DATE
(Venice, Italy, 25 November 2014)

Questionnaire about WATER-ENERGY-NEXUS!
(Milan, Italy, 17 September 2014)

European River Restoration Conference
(Vienna, Austria, 27 - 29 October 2014)

Alpine Freshwater Habitats – River Restoration Workshop
(Zvolen, Slovakia, 4 September 2014)

Course on how to estimate design variables in poorly gauged basins
(Delft, The Netherlands, 17-28 November 2014)

Sustainability and future - Thematic pole 4. Low carbon communities
(Fojnica, Bosnia and Herzegovina, 27-28 August, 2014)

Partner meeting and discussion with German stakeholders in Munich
(Munich, Germany, 11th – 12th June 2014)

AIM project presented on the Alpstar project Final Conference
(Ljubljana, Slovenia, 27th May 2014)

Meeting with Kyoto Club
(Milan, Italy, 18 February 2014)

AIM leaflet and brochure
(Milan, Italy, 15 March 2014)

Brainstroming seminar with stakeholdes in Slovenia
(Ljubljana, 12-13 February 2014)

Experiences and perspectives of territorial cooperation in the Alps: the Alpine Convention and the Alpine Space Programme
(Gazzada Schiano, Italy, 26 November 2013)

Kick-off meeting and Brainstorming Seminar with stakeholders in Vienna
(Vienna, Austria, 20-21 November 2013)

Pre-Internal meeting in Milan
(Milan, Italy, 28-29 October 2013)

Meeting with SEAPAlps coordinator in Milan
(Milan, Italy, 10 October 2013)

SedAlp Advisory Board Meeting
(Feldkirch, Austria, 23-24 September 2013)

Lead Partner Seminar in Munich
(Munich, Germany, 10-11 September 2013)