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A software tool with a GIS interface to support operation of hydropower reservoir for flood attenuation.
HALTFLOOD is able to forecast the inflow hydrograph into the reservoir, to simulate the regulation plan at the reservoir and to route the outflow through the river downstream the dam.
It implements mathematical modules relevant to most important processes and data involved e.g. meteorological data, inflow-runoff model at watershed scale, reservoir operation, a hydrologic routing methodology approach for flood the propagation.


  • boundary of the upstream watershed for each point of interest
  • river network
  • physical properties of reservoirs involved in flood control
  • precipitation observations of the last days (from rain gages and/or meteorological radar)
  • current water levels in the reservoirs
  • inflow/outflow of the last days at the reservoirs
  • discharge observations of the last days in some points of river network
  • precipitation forecast for the watersheds


For each reservoir:
  • the expected inflows for the next 3 days;
  • the expected water elevation and the outflows for the next 3 days taking into account the regulation plan.
For each point of interest:
  • the expected flows for the next 3 days taking into account of the presence of large reservoirs upstream.


HALTFLOOD is written in Visual Basic language, it is helpful the ESRI
ARCINFO GIS 9.2 or 9.3 platform with the Spatial analyst module.
Hardware: a normal Windows XP or Windows 7 PC


HALTFLOOD is freely distributed among users.
The request and conditions of use form is downloadable from the present web site.

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