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The MORIMOR-GIS (MOuntain RIver MORphology) model is a 1D morphodynamic model developed for the computations of sediment transport capacity and morphological changes. The model is a valid and useful tool for the hydroelectric operators, since it allows the optimization of the flushing and sluicing operations, taking into account the turbidity limits imposed by the regulations, the morphological effects caused in the downstream river, and the consumption of water required by each operation, and therefore, the loss of production. The MORIMOR-GIS model was developed in order to allow the simulation of sediment transport in mountainous rivers, characterized by relatively large longitudinal slopes and strong nonuniform sediments.


  • Cross sections of the river that should be simulated (at least 1 section every 500 meters);
  • Cross section of the terminal reach of the main tributaries;
  • Granulometric size distribution in different sections of the river;
  • Granulometric size distribution at the terminal section of the main tributaries;
  • Grain size distribution in the reservoir;


  • Total sediment transport (bed + suspended) in each river cross section due to flushing operations;
  • Total sediment concentration (bed + suspended) in each river cross section due to flushing operations;
  • River morphologic changes (bottom level & width);
  • Identification of the river strech affected by sedimentation/erosion;
  • Changes of the granulometric composition in the bottom river;


MORIMOR-GIS is written in Visual Basic language
Hardware: a normal Windows XP (or Windows 7) PC. In case you use Windows 7, it is necessary to install a Windows XP virtual machine to run the model.
Software: EXCEL


MORIMOR-GIS is freely distributed among users.
The request and conditions of use form is downloadable from the present web site.


  • Optimization of flushing operation of reservoirs
  • Morphological changes of the rivers downstream the reservoirs
  • Suspended sediment concentration in rivers downstream the reservoirs

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