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An EXCEL tool to evaluate the main hydropower project parameters of a given hydroproject, considering the flow duration curve, the available heads and the types of turbines to be installed, the range of discharges to be used, etc.
The tool considers the possibility to apply government incentives to the investment as the "green certificates" and finally is able to evaluate the cash-flow of the investment.
The tool helps the user as a first approach to begin a preliminary project, leading to a first analysis of the economical and financial parameters of a new SHP.


  • flow duration curve at the analyzed site
  • the available head at the analyzed site
  • the types of turbines to be installed
  • hydropower efficiency coefficients
  • price of the energy
  • price of the green certificates


For a given plant:
  • Turbined flow duration curves
  • Penstock looses calculation
  • Automatic turbine type selection
  • Plant energy and power calculation
  • Initial investment parametric calculation
  • Financial cash-flow calculation, considering green certificates


SMART MINI-IDRO is written in Microsoft Excel macro language.
Hardware: a normal Windows PC
Software: Microsoft Excel 2003


SMART MINI-IDRO is freely distributed among users.
The request and conditions of use form is downloadable from the present site.


  • Cost/Benetif analysis of new SHP plants
  • Technical and economical pre-feasibility analysis of new SHP plants
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